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Mariken is truly remarkable. Not only is she a talented musician, she is also a gifted teacher. It’s rare to find a teacher who is both kind and professional like Mariken. She makes lessons enjoyable, productive, and educational. Her ability to connect with students, coupled with her knowledge of music and pedagogy, is impressive. My daughter really looks forward to her lessons every single week!
~ Rachel N. (Miriam’s (7) mom, opera singer and voice teacher)

I have had the privilege over the past few years of taking piano lessons with Mariken Palmboom. She has not only helped me to improve technically but has helped me to understand the composition of the music and to feel the emotion it evokes. The lessons have given me much pleasure and satisfaction. Thank you, Mariken.
Elsa K. (89)

Mariken is genuinely one of the best music teachers I have had. Her lessons are effective, communicative, infectious, and perfectly tailored to my learning level.
~ Harry J. (adult harpsichord student)

Throughout my life of 65 years, I have been taking piano lessons, and the last few years with Mariken. I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 42 years, and playing piano is part of my chosen therapy. I love to play duets with Mariken. She is kind, patient, positive, friendly, and enthusiastic. Playing with her helps me ease my anxious moments. Through breathing and relaxation techniques, the music begins to flow! I look forward to Mariken coming for our lesson to my home each week, as does my German Shepherd Anna!
~ Lori R. (adult piano student)

We’ve always enjoyed Mariken’s harpsichord performances and we especially enjoyed a house concert she did for us a few years ago. Complete with instrument in tow, she delighted our small group with wonderful pieces, expert skill and delightful repartee and completely transported us all into a state of bliss.
~Liz S. (house concert host)

Mariken is a prize-winning harpsichordist who is also passionate about teaching piano. Besides her active Baroque music performances around the country and Europe, Mariken is also well-known in the area as she teaches many students from Steiner School and more. Our daughter Lydia studied piano with her as well and loves her. Jim N.'s daughter is studying with Mariken right now and absolutely loves it too! Mariken is a dear friend to our family and an amazing musician and piano teacher. We are very fortunate to have her on staff in our music program for private lessons as well.
~ Tasia W. (composer, pianist, and music teacher at Berkshire School):

If you are thinking of beginning or returning to piano, look no further than Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and Mrs. Mariken Palmboom, internationally regarded harpsichordist. Mariken is just a phenomenal piano teacher ... talented, inspirational, wise, patient, organized and add that she is equally willing to work with her students on Zoom or in person in her pristine Stockbridge studio. All and only Highest Recommendations.
~ Kate K. (adult student)

I have been playing piano for a decade now - Mariken was my first teacher when I moved up to the Berkshires, and since moving back three years ago I began taking lessons with her again. Mariken is one of the best teachers I have ever had, and overall such a kind, genuine person. She has so much knowledge, immense patience, a great sense of fun, and is incredibly encouraging. She has granted me the freedom to explore the areas of music that interest me, such as improvisation, theory, and composition. I have learned so much from our lessons together; they have helped me to grow as a musician, artist, and person. Because of Mariken, my lifelong love and passion for music has only increased - I feel so lucky to have had her as my teacher all these years and I am beyond grateful!
~Malena C. (18)

Thank you Mariken for the fantastic piano tuning. It is so great to hear the beautiful richness of my piano, now that it is in tune again. I am enjoying playing more and I am even surprised and pleased that my playing sounds so much better!

I would like to say a few words of appreciation for Mariken Palmboom as a piano teacher. One way that I especially benefit from Mariken's teaching is her ability to interpret the music and express the story and feelings within the piece. When she teaches, she is always listening for this in my playing, and she helps me to find my own interpretation and then to express it. She plays beautifully and listening to her helps me to go deeper and to be flexible and creative. This has been especially satisfying for me because I was a very plodding, stilted player, and now, with her help, there is some heart in my playing. I heard a story that after a particularly beautiful performance by Oscar Peterson, when complimented he said, "The piano revealed its soul to me." Mariken is helping me to put my soul into the piano.
~Barbara P. (adult piano student)